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  • todd

    Are those carburetor s on this L20?

  • Peter Mikkelsen

    I’m Peter from Denmark, Europe. I’ve been looking at your videos and your car is amazing. I’m going to build one for historic racing here in Europe but not so many has been racing these cars here. Mostly they have been used for rally ( Datsun 1600 SSS are they named here)
    I have the car and it has been a rallycar and it needs a lot of work on the body but i have the time.
    I need to know a little more about what engines the rules allow. It will be racing in the FIA historic class up to ’71. How big must the engine be? Do you have any documentation on the cars from this period?
    I don’t know if you race after the same regulations as we do here in Europe but i have to ask somebody in the states to get more info.
    Hope for some answers from you and your team

    Best regards

    Peter Mikkelsen
    +45 40309720

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