The Savannah Speed Classic

Moya Motorsports’ first visit to HSR’s Savannah Speed Classic at Savannah Harbor Road Course in Hutchinson Island was a great success, although not all went according to plan. Entering the paddock upon arrival, the transporting rig was guided to an assigned parking spot, and the Team jokingly commented about a good omen as the spot […]

Update — Almost Ready to Race

We just completed 9 hrs of work this past Saturday and the Moya Motorsports Datsun 510 is almost complete, in preparation for the Savannah Speed Classic later this month. All that’s left is suspension alignment, which will be accomplished in a few days. Visit us in early November for a full race report.

Update – Getting Ready for the Savannah Speed Classic

Three weekends left to get ready. We still have a few things to do, like installing the gearbox, bleeding the brakes, fixing the the intake box, checking alignment etc.

Things were progressing well, but we pulled the gearbox and checked the clutch. The clutch was fine, but, as we were positioning the gearbox for re-installation, […]

Updates – Skipping September Race

It’s been three months since our last post. We decided to do additional work on our Datsun 510 and it’s taking longer than anticipated. We missed our deadline for September, but there are four events left in our calendar before the end of the year. Soon we will post more details on our progress and […]

Updates – Getting Ready for the Next Race

Our plan is to be back at Road Atlanta in September. We have analyzed our data from last April and, although we did well, are confident we can be faster. We have not been sitting idle these past couple of months. In addition to regular in-between event maintenance, we are doing major work that is […]

HSR The Mitty at Road Atlanta Race Report

This was our 4th visit to Road Atlanta and were the only Datsun 510 at the 2013 Mitty. Being such a challenging track, we took advantage of Thursday’s Test Day to get additional track time and, with 55 cars in our Group, we did three uneventful Test Sessions and two Practice Sessions on Friday. The […]

Getting Ready for PBIR

The first race of the year for Moya Motorsports and our Datsun 510 will be the HSR event at Palm Beach International Raceway the weekend of February 15th. We completed all maintenance and checks yesterday. Looking forward to the start of the new vintage racing season. Pictures and videos will be posted soon after the […]

VDCA Event At Roebling Road

We traveled to Georgia’s Roebling Road for VDCA’s Season Finale, December 7th through 9th. We were very upbeat after our first Practice/Qualifying Session, which easily beat our previous best lap time.

During that 1st 10-Lap Session on Friday, we were black-flagged after six laps because we were 2 decibels too loud. However, our lap times […]

Track Test at Homestead

We had a successful track test at Homestead yesterday. Our driver was pleased with changes to suspension settings and changes to brake bias. We’ll be posting a video or two later.

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Ray Schneider Photo – Exiting Turn 8

Ray Schneider Photo – Approaching Turn 7

Ray Schneider Photo

Ray Schneider Photo – Front Straight w/ Ernie Bello’s Opel

A Happy Crew Ready for Track Test

Change of Plans

We completed work last Sunday night and our Datsun 510 is ready for the track. We are more interested in testing, rather than racing, due to the many changes made to the drivetrain and electrical. Therefore, instead of travelig to Sebring, we have an opportunity to get some track time at Homestead this weekend, so […]