Heading to Savannah on October 24th

Work on our Datsun 510 was completed last Thursday with suspension alignment and corner weighting. Yesterday, we had an excellent opportunity to track-test locally at Homestead-Miami Motor Speedway with the FARA Group. The long work hours of the previous months paid off, as the racecar performed flawlessly. Test conditions were perfect, as there was little […]

“Street” Test

Worked nine hours yesterday 9/27/14 getting the Datsun completed. Other than alignment and corner-weighting, the racecar is ready. A quick street test showed that “it works”. Next race is Savannah at the end of October.

Test Day at Homestead

The weather forecast was for a rainy weekend and, this time, the weatherman was right. We offloaded from the trailer and switched to our rain tires. On the bright side, it was a good opportunity to get some track time in wet conditions, which we hadn’t done in all of last year.

Our first session […]

One Week Away from the Mitty

During last week we trailered the car to a vendor for custom fabrication of a new exhaust pipe.

This week we must, again, trailer to another vendor for other services, but yesterday (Sunday) we put in a solid 10-hour day working on Moya Motorsports’ Datsun 510 vintage racecar and completed all our in-shop work to […]

Two Weeks Away from the Mitty

We continue to make progress, and last Saturday we cheered when we fired up the new engine for the first time. Only a couple of minor items to be completed in our shop, but we must trailer the car to two separate vendors for other work. So far we’ve only encountered a couple of unexpected […]

New Engine Installation

Last weekend we prepped the engine and installed it on its front mounts in the engine bay. Yesterday the intake and exhaust headers, carburetors and linkage, flywheel and clutch and other minor components went in.

Our good friends and on-track adversaries Bob Leitzinger and Dineen stopped by to pick up some parts and we had […]

September 15, 2011 — We’re Ready for Roebling Road, Savannah

The list for work to be accomplished on our Datsun 510 racecar during the summer had over 50 items. Although at times it seemed the summer wasn’t going to be long enough, we managed to complete all work two days before departure (the earliest we’ve ever been ready) for our next race; this will be […]

August 10, 2011 — Planning for Roebling Road

Since the last Mitty at Road Atlanta, we had our Datsun 510 racecar at the body shop, for a couple of months, for some modifications and minor repairs.

It is now back in our shop and is being readied for competing at Roebling Road, on September 17-18, with VDCA. There are no major issues, mainly […]

Getting Ready for the 2011 Season

We have not been idle since we last raced. Development of our vintage Datsun 510 racecar during the 2010 season went well and will continue into 2011 with improvements to the engine (camshaft and valves) and drivetrain (a different clutch and R160 differential LSD clutchpack adjustment).

We are waiting for parts and hope to have […]

Development Updates Since the Mitty

September 11, 2010

Today we did our first test run since the Mitty to verify the gearbox operation. Our front street again served the purpose and, just like a few months ago, the neighbors seemed to cooperate. The temporary box from the wagon that was used for the Mitty was replaced with the direct drive. […]