2014 HSR Savannah Speed Classic

The Moya Motorsports Datsun 510 had not raced since last December at Sebring. This was our second visit to this 10-turn, 2-mile course. Savannah was cool and dry, and our test session at Homestead earlier in October had been hot and humid. This dictated a minor correction in carburetor jetting before we even fired up […]

2013 HSR Sebring Historic Races Group 2 Qualifying

This is a 6-minute video of selected clips of Saturday’s Qualifying Session, when we posted a 1:37.1; our fastest lap so far at Sebring. At the checkered flag ending the session, the blue and gold #93 240Z of David Riolo passed us and, although he can lap faster than us, Alex gave chase while displaying […]

More on Savannah, October 2013

Another Savannah video. This one is all from clips from hand-held camera.

For more on Savannah visit our earlier post.

Sebring HSR Event

Sebring has been hard on us in the past. This time, however, we conquered Sebring! Our Datsun 510 had been handling well, but Alex is demanding more from the car. During practice, he reported some issues that were immediately addressed with minor suspension adjustments. The changes seemed to work, as our lap times continued to […]

The Savannah Speed Classic

Moya Motorsports’ first visit to HSR’s Savannah Speed Classic at Savannah Harbor Road Course in Hutchinson Island was a great success, although not all went according to plan. Entering the paddock upon arrival, the transporting rig was guided to an assigned parking spot, and the Team jokingly commented about a good omen as the spot […]

HSR The Mitty at Road Atlanta Race Report

This was our 4th visit to Road Atlanta and were the only Datsun 510 at the 2013 Mitty. Being such a challenging track, we took advantage of Thursday’s Test Day to get additional track time and, with 55 cars in our Group, we did three uneventful Test Sessions and two Practice Sessions on Friday. The […]

HSR PBIR Race Report

We felt we were heading to this event better prepared than ever. All planned work and maintenance to our Datsun 510 were completed two weeks before the event. Modifications to correct earlier vibration problem were effective and the car was flawless. We went on track five times (two practice, one qualifying and two races.) The […]

VDCA Event At Roebling Road

We traveled to Georgia’s Roebling Road for VDCA’s Season Finale, December 7th through 9th. We were very upbeat after our first Practice/Qualifying Session, which easily beat our previous best lap time.

During that 1st 10-Lap Session on Friday, we were black-flagged after six laps because we were 2 decibels too loud. However, our lap times […]

Sebring Historic Fall Classic 2011 Clip

This clip shows driver Alex Moya in the #33 Datsun 510 during the Sebring Historic Fall Classic 2011 event during qualifying. This clip shows a great pass against Andre Herke’s potently fast 1968 BMW 2002. We hope you enjoy the footage as much as we did. Drop us a line and tell us what you […]

October 2011 HSR Sebring Photos

Although we had a massive engine failure during the Saturday race, the weekend was not a total loss. Here are a few event pictures of our Datsun 510. A video will soon follow.

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The Moya Motorsports’ Paddock

The Datsun is Ready

Let’s Rock-N-Roll!

Final Driver Preps

The Grid

Two Minutes to Go

One Minute to Go

Some Last Words with the Driver Before Going On Track

Entering the Track at Turn 17

Turn 15 … Looking Good

Turn 16 – Entering the Back Straight — The Fastest Part of the Track