Second Track Test — Sebring, June 20 2009

Our second test was at Sebring. The ambient temperature was around 100° F, with no rain. It was a good day for gathering more temperature data, since it was as hot as we’ll ever see in racing conditions. Engine temperatures were normal throughout the day, but we may have to do some work on the […]

Team Development

Why a Datsun 510:

Our involvement with 510s goes way back to early 1971, when Team Engineer Néstor Moya, who happens to be the father of Team Owner/Driver Alex Moya and Team Technician/Web Designer Christian Moya, purchased a new 510, which he still owns. Since then, we have built up our 510 collection to four […]

Site Development

The site is still being developed on the backend. We are also gathering all our content and prepping it for the website. In the meantime here are a couple lo-res images from our first track event. The car ran well, but we know there is more suspension tuning to be done. More details on the […]

Watch this space!

Keep an eye open! Moya Motorsports is on its way. This site will be developed soon. All Moya Motorsports activities will be posted here.