Test Day at Homestead

The weather forecast was for a rainy weekend and, this time, the weatherman was right. We offloaded from the trailer and switched to our rain tires. On the bright side, it was a good opportunity to get some track time in wet conditions, which we hadn’t done in all of last year.

Our first session […]

One Week Away from the Mitty

During last week we trailered the car to a vendor for custom fabrication of a new exhaust pipe.

This week we must, again, trailer to another vendor for other services, but yesterday (Sunday) we put in a solid 10-hour day working on Moya Motorsports’ Datsun 510 vintage racecar and completed all our in-shop work to […]

Two Weeks Away from the Mitty

We continue to make progress, and last Saturday we cheered when we fired up the new engine for the first time. Only a couple of minor items to be completed in our shop, but we must trailer the car to two separate vendors for other work. So far we’ve only encountered a couple of unexpected […]