Track Test at Homestead

We had a successful track test at Homestead yesterday. Our driver was pleased with changes to suspension settings and changes to brake bias. We’ll be posting a video or two later.

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Ray Schneider Photo – Exiting Turn 8

Ray Schneider Photo – Approaching Turn 7

Ray Schneider Photo

Ray Schneider Photo – Front Straight w/ Ernie Bello’s Opel

A Happy Crew Ready for Track Test

Change of Plans

We completed work last Sunday night and our Datsun 510 is ready for the track. We are more interested in testing, rather than racing, due to the many changes made to the drivetrain and electrical. Therefore, instead of travelig to Sebring, we have an opportunity to get some track time at Homestead this weekend, so […]


The videos from Road Atlanta have been delayed, but they will be posted … Soon.

We are confident that the source of the vibration we had at Road Atlanta has been isolated, and we expect to have no such issues at Sebring next week. Another problem we had at Road Atlanta was an intermittent misfire. […]