Heading to Road Atlanta

Four weekends ago we had estimated that we needed 17 hours of labor to finish work on our Datsun to be ready to race.  Our estimate turned out to be very accurate.  We finished work on our Datsun 510 vintage racecar last Saturday morning, then went for some testing on a Dynojet 424X rolling dynamometer to get a baseline on the new engine and to check our fuel mixture.   Our street 510 was used for comparison.  You can read about our street 510 by going to our January 4, 2011 post in our “Older Entries”.  The comparison between the two cars was very interesting.  The shape of the power curves are similar, with the racecar powerband, as expected, shifted a few hundred rpm higher.  The racecar has 25% more displacement, but produced 61% more torque and 73% more power.

The entry list for Road Atlanta for this weekend (http://www.hsrrace.com/2012_Events/7_Atlanta_Historics_Sept_13_16/Entry_List.pdf ) shows that we’re the only 510.  Our competition will be six Porsche 911s and four 914-6s!

Road Atlanta is not an easy track to learn, and there’s rain on the forecast for Saturday.  We’ve only been there twice before.  We’ll be checking how much we can improve on our previous visits and hope to show well against all the Porsches.

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