HSR Road Atlanta

We’re happy to report that our new engine ran very strong.  We did, however, have a driveline vibration that took us some time to trace.  Thursday was a test day and we were hoping to experiment with some suspension adjustment changes, but instead we spent the day chasing the vibration until 1:00 am on Friday.  We completed work on Friday, alleviating the vibration, but not eliminating it.  On Friday, the qualifying session was used mainly as a test session.

We ran a sprint race on Saturday, then three races on Sunday, including a 1:10 minute enduro.  All the racing was done with our backup gearbox, which, due to its different gearing, also required changing the differential.  The backup gearbox has two drawbacks compared to our standard box.  Firstly, the gear ratios are not as good and, secondly, it will not allow shifting as quickly as our standard box.  We still managed to consistently run slightly faster laps than during our last visit to Road Atlanta, and this was very satisfying.

We should have the vibration issue corrected to run at Sebring at the end of October.  Then, finish the year with VDCA at Roebling Road in Georgia in early December.

More pictures and videos coming soon.


2 comments to HSR Road Atlanta

  • Italiano

    Great work guys! Any updates on the vibration issue? How about that extra pressure in the oil catch-can? Lastly… that “ghost” ignition issue Alex reported on Sunday afternoon? Looking forward to seeing the beast performing at its best soon!

  • Walter —
    First of all, thanks for stopping by (Cristina says we owe you dinner), sharing some time with us and lending a hand. I think we have identified the vibration problem and are working on the cure. We haven’t had much time to look at the other two issues, but will be addressing at least one of them this coming weekend. We only have three weekends left before heading to Sebring … We’ll be ready!

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