Third Track Test — Sebring, October 3 2009

· Found why throttle would not return to idle. The front carburetor accel. pump rod came out of throttle shaft lever and jammed on carb. body. Earlier troubleshooting did not discover the problem because apparently, the rod fell back in place when throttle was moved.

· Due to the throttle jamming problem, we could not get more than two hot laps before our temporary repair would let the throttle jam again. In retrospect, we should have cut off the offending pump rod for completing the remainder of our test.

· Mikuni pump rod parts are NLA. Although we can remove the carburetors and make permanent repairs, we’ve decided we are going to replace the Mikunis with Weber 45 DCOEs.

· Lap times: Due to our throttle problem, we could only get two hot laps during the last two sessions (the first two sessions were for bedding brakes, adjusting brake bias, setting suspension, etc). We recorded a significant improvement in lap times over our June test.

· Replacement of the Stewart-Warner PN 114018 tachometer with an Autometer PN 6801 was successful. Stewart-Warner Tech Help could not come up with a solution to make their tach. work with the MSD ignition box.

· Change to softer rear springs had good results. The rear anti-roll bar was left at its softest setting, but we increased the damping on the rear shocks.

CLICK HERE to see some photos of the event.

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