VDCA Event At Roebling Road

We traveled to Georgia’s Roebling Road for VDCA’s Season Finale, December 7th through 9th.  We were very upbeat after our first Practice/Qualifying Session, which easily beat our previous best lap time.

During that 1st 10-Lap Session on Friday, we were black-flagged after six laps because we were 2 decibels too loud.  However, our lap times were very promising.  With no particular starting order, we started 11th, but by the 3rd lap, we were up to 8th and 5th by lap 4.  By lap 5, the only two cars ahead of us were a 911 and a Corvette Stingray.  There were 16 cars behind us, including six Porsches, four BMWs 2002, a GTV and another 510.  We were less than a second behind the fastest car, and each lap we ran was faster than the one before…We were cooking!

The noise issue caught us by surprise and, while Jamey and I accomplished a temporary fix, Christian and Alex used a cardboard template to buy a more substantial temporary repair piece for a backup.  We have our own sound level meter, so we did a before-and-after test with our first fix, found we were well in the legal range and used it for our second session.  Although our contraption was well secured and resulted in an acceptable level of noise reduction, it burnt with two laps to go (see pics.)  We installed our backup repair, which held for the rest of the weekend.

The rest of the weekend did not continue to go as well, as the driveline vibration that plagued us during our previous race had not been completely eliminated, forcing us to run mid-pack at a conservative pace.  Still, while running mid-pack during Saturday’s race, Christian notified our driver with one lap to go.  Alex, vibration and all, decided to chase down one of the BMWs that had passed us earlier.  It was exciting to see us coming out of the last turn, on the last lap, right behind the Bimmer.  Alex pulled out of the draft and went for the pass, which we missed by just 0.072 seconds at the finish!

We started the Sunday Enduro and, on the first turn of the first lap, we were side-by-side with a 911.  The 911 was on the inside, but could not hold on, spun right behind our 510 and was hit by another 911.   This brought out a Caution and the Pace Car.  After a few laps, we decided to stop for fear of causing further damage due to vibration.

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