HSR PBIR Race Report

We felt we were heading to this event better prepared than ever. All planned work and maintenance to our Datsun 510 were completed two weeks before the event. Modifications to correct earlier vibration problem were effective and the car was flawless. We went on track five times (two practice, one qualifying and two races.) The two Friday practices were run in wet conditions. In qualifying, we consistently beat our best time from our last visit to PBIR. We qualified sixth overall out of 22 cars and second in Class 2 (eight cars). Our best lap improved even more during racing.

The Saturday race was the most exciting; we ran a very close battle throughout the 8-lap race with a Group 3 Mustang. As expected, the Mustang could pull away on the straights, but we could reel him in through the tight sections and swapped positions a couple of times. The Mustang had passed us and was leading on the last lap, but Alex was right on him coming into the back straight and was able to draft the Mustang all the way down the 6/10th of a mile back straight. The Mustang tried to break the draft by shifting left and right down the straight, but Alex stayed on him as if on rails. As they approached Turn 10 at over 120 MPH, the Mustang brake lights came on. That was the signal for Alex to immediately pull out and out brake the Mustang, knowing that if we had the lead into Turn 10, we could hold the lead through Turn 11, the last turn before the finish line. We held off the Mustang, turning our fastest time during that last lap and finishing 1st in Class and 6th overall. Strategy played a big part during that race, as Christian kept Alex informed through our radio of any traffic behind us. Alex held off making the final pass until the last minute to avoid being re-passed. It was a clean race. We spoke to the Mustang driver after the race. He enjoyed our duel as much as we did.

This was our Team’s first 1st place. We repeated our Class win on Sunday to end a perfect weekend.

As always, we thank all who stopped by for a chat with the Moya Motorsports’ crew — Alex, Christian, Néstor, Jamey and Terry. We also want to give special thanks to Pierre Pomerleau for his outstanding photo contribution.

Some videos and pics from other sources CLICK HERE





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