HSR The Mitty at Road Atlanta Race Report

This was our 4th visit to Road Atlanta and were the only Datsun 510 at the 2013 Mitty.  Being such a challenging track, we took advantage of Thursday’s Test Day to get additional track time and, with 55 cars in our Group, we did three uneventful Test Sessions and two Practice Sessions on Friday.  The weather forecast was not encouraging, but Thursday and Friday were perfect for racing.  Our Qualifying Session was on Saturday morning, and by then the weather had changed drastically.  We switched to our rain tires and qualified 3rd in Class, in light to medium rain and very slippery conditions.  By race time on Saturday, the clouds were still threatening, but the track was dry and it was back to our dry tires.  We had not planned to push for a fast lap until Qualifying and, since that session was so slippery, we went into Saturday’s race not having improved over our previous fastest lap from our last visit to Road Atlanta.  We made minor changes to our fuel jetting and race strategy and did very well during the race.  Our best lap improved over our previous best time, and we finished 2nd in Class (six cars in our Class) and 17th overall (55 cars.)  First in our Class was a BMW 2002.  Behind us were an Alfa GTV, another BMW 2002, a Mazda RX2 and a Volvo 122.

There was another race scheduled for Sunday afternoon, but it had been raining heavily all day; we decided to head for home.

Although Sunday was a washout, we were very satisfied with our results and improvements in strategy.  Our Datsun 510, once again, ran very strongly and trouble-free.


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