The Savannah Speed Classic

Moya Motorsports’ first visit to HSR’s Savannah Speed Classic at Savannah Harbor Road Course in Hutchinson Island was a great success, although not all went according to plan.  Entering the paddock upon arrival, the transporting rig was guided to an assigned parking spot, and the Team jokingly commented about a good omen as the spot was right in front of the podium.

Significant setup changes had been made since the last race and, although the car’s handling felt good from the start, minor suspension adjustments were made during the test sessions.  The test sessions were uneventful until the last session, when Alex felt an unusual noise that seemed to come from the drivetrain.  An inspection did not reveal any abnormalities.  However, immediately at the start of the first of two Friday practice sessions, it was evident that there was, indeed, something wrong.  The car was brought in on the first lap of the session and it was immediately diagnosed as broken gear teeth in the differential.  A spare differential was installed and the car was ready on time for the following sessions.  In spite of the spare differential not having the desired gearing, lap times continued to improve with each track session, achieving a 2nd Place in Class on Saturday and followed by a 1st on Sunday.

Moya Motorsports’ Datsun 510 will see action again with the correct gearing at HSR’s final event of the year at Sebring on December 5th.

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