Sebring HSR Event

Sebring has been hard on us in the past.  This time, however, we conquered Sebring!  Our Datsun 510 had been handling well, but Alex is demanding more from the car.  During practice, he reported some issues that were immediately addressed with minor suspension adjustments.  The changes seemed to work, as our lap times continued to improve during Friday’s second qualifying session.  The improvement continued during Saturday’s final qualifying session when we qualified first in Group 2, at over four seconds faster than our previous best lap at Sebring.

As usual, Alex was extra cautious during the first lap.  This allowed Ernie Bello, who until this weekend had always been faster than us, to get ahead.  Although we had a great race with a couple of Group 3 cars, our progress was hampered by traffic and we were not able to challenge Ernie, finishing second in Class.  This was our sixth race at this legendary 3.7-mile track.  Our performance rewarded us with our first Sebring podium finish.

This race concluded Historic Sports Car Racing’s (HSR) 2013 season.  Racing legends David Hobbs, Brian Redman, Dorsey Schroeder and others attended the Saturday night dinner and awards’ ceremony.  Alex was awarded the 2013 Group 2 Championship Trophy; what a way for Moya Motorsports to finish the year!  On behalf of Alex and his crew, Christian, Jamey, Terry and myself, we thank the HSR organization for the opportunity to be part of their great racing events.  See you at the track in 2014…


Moya Motorsports



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