Here’s a picture of the failed pinion gear from Savannah, with two teeth wiped out and damage to adjacent teeth.  Surprisingly, the ring gear was scored, but it did not break, so it’s a good paper weight.  We have now built a primary differential with new gears and new differential unit and a backup differential.  Both have all new bearings and seals and were adjusted for correct:

  • Pinion/ring gear mesh
  • Pinion gear preload
  • Side bearing preload
  • Backlash
In addition, we also have the low geared unit that saved the day at Savannah.
Our Datsun is undergoing some major maintenance and we may not race until after the summer.  We will continue to post updates until Moya Motorsports’ Datsun 510 is ready for track duty.

Differential Pinion Failure

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