2014 HSR Savannah Speed Classic

The Moya Motorsports Datsun 510 had not raced since last December at Sebring. This was our second visit to this 10-turn, 2-mile course. Savannah was cool and dry, and our test session at Homestead earlier in October had been hot and humid. This dictated a minor correction in carburetor jetting before we even fired up the engine. Between practice, qualifying and races, we were on track seven times. In between sessions, we made other small adjustments and our lap times continued to improve, besting our fastest time from last year by almost three seconds. Although practice and qualifying sessions were 10 to 14 laps each, the two races were only seven laps. During the last race, our times improved with each lap. We traded places a few times with three other cars, setting our fastest time on lap four, when a yellow flag was displayed due to oil on the track from a car that DNF. The last three laps of this race were run under yellow, preventing any further progress. We finished 2nd in class in both races and were the only 510 at the event, but really enjoyed the close competition with BMW 2002s, Alfa Duettos, a Pinto, 911s, 914s, Mazda MX5, Toyota MR2, Corvairs and others.

The 4 minute video is a collection of clips from practice and the two races.

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