HSR’s 2015 The Mitty

Moya Motorsports arrived at the 2015 Mitty confident and not expecting any significant problems. However, a simple $0.90 part triggered a chain of events that damaged our new engine, incredibly ending our weekend on the first day.

During a Test Session, the freeze plug adjacent to the starter motor was expelled:

1) Into the last lap of the session, it was noted that the water and oil temperatures climbed above normal.
2) Initially, it was not cause for concern since it was a new engine.
3) The engine was shut down as we rolled into the pits to investigate, when the missing freeze plug was detected.
4) Since the coolant temperature sensor lost contact with the water, it could not indicate the actual maximum engine temperature reached.
5) A new plug was installed, water was added and the engine started, only to notice bubbling in the coolant expansion tank, indicating a possible failed head gasket.
6) The cylinder head was removed for further investigation when some light scoring of the cylinder walls was noted.
7) Rather than risking further damage, the engine was removed and turned over to the engine builder who was present at the event.

Since a sudden loss of coolant may not be detected by the gauge, a coolant pressure warning will be installed.

We thank all our well-wishers and hope to put on a better show next time.

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