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Why a Datsun 510:

Our involvement with 510s goes way back to early 1971, when Team Engineer Néstor Moya, who happens to be the father of Team Owner/Driver Alex Moya and Team Technician/Web Designer Christian Moya, purchased a new 510, which he still owns. Since then, we have built up our 510 collection to four vehicles; the most recent acquisition being the racecar, in late 2008.

Néstor followed the early years of Datsun 510 racing through the pages of AutoWeek, a publication that reported on every TransAm race and other events where 510s competed.

As the Team family became more and more interested in sports cars and racing, we decided to race a 510 since, although we had no actual racing experience other than autocrossing in the early 70s, we knew a lot about 510s. We figured the 510 would make the learning curve to becoming competitive less steep.

Christian, Alex and Néstor


Prior to our acquisition, our racecar had competed in Wisconsin and California, but we purchased it with zero use since complete restoration in Florida.

Although just restored, countless weekends were spent in preparing it for its first track test, which took place at a NASA HPDE event at Homestead, in late May 2009 and a second test at Sebring.

Pre-Racing Track Tests

The first track test (dry and in rain) concentrated in gathering data, such as max temperatures of engine oil, water, brake calipers, gearbox and differential. Also brake bias and A/F ratio. In addition we learned that the car didn’t have any detrimental handling characteristics.

Race Reports

Our first race should be the Sebring HSR event in early December 2009 … stay tuned.

Photo Links

5/30/09 Homestead Test

6/20/09 Sebring Test

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  • Can’t wait to see more!

  • Chris D.

    October 7, 2009
    12:09 A.M.

    Hello Nestor, Christian & Alex:

    WOW!! I am extremely impressed. There have been significant changes to your website and your teamwork since the last time I logged in. I just spent about 1 hour looking around the website. I have several comments, so bear with me.

    First, to Nestor, the team manager. Nestor I really like the detailed scientific reporting on your teams efforts to become a Premium Racing Brand “Moya Motorsports.” I am not surprised by your scientific approach given your training and professional background. I fully appreciate it given my taining and professional background based in science as well. I felt like I was reading the results of a laboratory test for a research project. But, it was not over the top and would not make a non-science based person uncomfortable. I just found your approach very familiar. Upon reading your report on the various temperature readings after tack testing and not being familiar with the “temperature labels,” I could not help but wonder if you guys had gone high tech and had some kind of telemetry that took such accurate readings? I look forward to a comment on that. I have not had much insight into the inner workings of a racing team, but, thanks to you guys that door has just opened for me.

    Christian, dude, you have outdone yourself. Or, maybe not yet even!! Major, major new look to the website. I really like the layout, and yes the “aesthetics” of it. It is very user friendly, very easy to navigate and obviously well thought out. I am not sure which one of you is responsible for the team logo, you know the yellow Moya Motorsports, which is the headliner for the website and is the “visor” on the race car, but it is really “fresh,” “dope,” or “kickass.” Take your pick. Maybe it was a collaborative effort. But, I like the color and typesetting of the logo. I was impressed with the details seen in the pictures of the car. At the tracks it appears that you had some professional pictures taken by at least two different vendors. Very nice. But the photographer of some of the other pictures, I suspect, one of you three, did a nice job as well, you know, of the brakes, rollbar, engine bay, etc.

    Alex, great looking car. Your choice, I think, of the team color yellow, actually works nicely. Apart from screaming for attention, it make for a really photogenic car. The details really comes through in the pictures. Yellow makes for a good backdrop against which the other colors show up. For example, in the engine bay, the blues and reds and even highly polished metal surfaces show up nicely. Of course, you did’nt buy the car to look at it or take pictures. For you, as the driver, your time is yet to come. Winning races or at least having tons of fun driving the heck out of that Datsun 510. I hope to witness some of those checkered flag moments. Live the dream my friend.

    Well fellas, job well done so far. I don’t know how far Moya Motorsports is planning to go. But, to Penske,Newman-Haas and other top ranking racing teams I will say a loud “watch out for Moya Motorsports.”

    As always,


  • Chris —

    The temp labels are little stickers that come in different ranges of temperatures. They have a limited scale, so one must know the expected temperature range to be read so the proper sticker can be selected. These stickers are accurate and are very common in the aerospace industry. Not high tech, but very effective.
    As for the reporting, I leave out a lot of “scientific” detail to make it easy to read. For example, I left out our suspension analysis calculations.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Chris D.


    Thanks for the info. Very interesting!!


  • Hi Guys,

    I see that you purchased the 510 that Bob Davis restored. I bought Bob’s Datsun Roadster, and like you, I have gone through a progression of preparing the car for racing. Bob purchased your car here on the west coast and I might have a photo of it prior to his restoration.

    Great Blog, with solid results. I have enclosed a link to my racing Datsuns, including my “B” Sedan survivor that I am currently restoring.

    I have also added you to my Blogroll, if you would like please return the favor.

    Last but not least, I am planning on bringing two of my Datsun’s (my Z and my Roadster) to the Mitty at Road Atlanta next year. Any chance you guys will be in attendance?



  • Ron –

    Thanks for contacting us.

    I had a quick look at your website, but I want to view it later in more detail and add comments to it. I love your cars and the detail you strive to achieve. I think that Christian has already added a link section to our site to include you.

    Small world, when we both have cars purchased through Bob Davis.

    We are maintaining a history of our 510 and we want to be as accurate as possible. Any history or photos you can provide will be welcomed.

    We met with Peter Brock during the Sebring 12 Hours and he told us about the Mitty. We are planning on attending and taking the racecar and my red 510.

    Our website is still very new, but we eventually want to include more than just the chronological listing of our track sessions. We also want to include photos and details of our red 510, which I bought new in 1971.


  • Hi Nestor,

    I found your site through a friend who was looking to buy this car when it came up for sale on eBay last year. It was a great value! Congratulations.

    He is now looking again, so if you know of any racing 510’s for sale please let me know.

    As for the photo, I know I have it, it is my roadster (formerly Bob’s car) and your 510 prior it’s restoration…

    email me at rc240z(at) and I will email the picture to you directly.

    I will look forward to seeing you at the Mitty, I will be bringing my Roadster and my Z if all goes well…At the very least I will be there with my BRE Z tribute car.


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