Sebring Test 6/20/09

More details on our latest test at Sebring:

Ran four 20-minute sessions. Engine temperatures remained normal.

Used just under 2.5 gal. of fuel per session, so our 8-gal. fuel cell should be sufficient for the usual 45 minute races.

Maximum temperatures (measured with temp. labels) for gearbox, differential (clutch type R160) and brake calipers were 190° F, 241° F and 309+° F respectively (need a higher temp label for the brakes!). In comparison, the readings at our first track test in Homestead, where the weather was considerably cooler, were 180°, 210° and 270° respectively.

Got some tire temperature readings in pit lane, right after Turn 17. Turn 17 is a high speed, bumpy, 180° turn right-hander. The readings were taken about 20 seconds after semi-cooldown lap. Comparison of the temperature at the center of the tires to the average of the inside an outside indicated that our pressures are close to what they should be (maybe a couple of psi too high). Maximum observed tire temperature was only 139°, but the highest readings were on the inside edge of all tires, so some suspension adjustments are in order.

We are currently running about 2 1/2° negative camber at the front and less than 1° negative camber at the rear. This should not be excessive to cause the higher temperatures on the inside edges of the tires. Our front toe is slight toe out, with zero at the rear. We are planing on increasing toe at the rear before our next test. We would like to try increasing toe at the front also, but should only make one change at a time.

On the last lap of the last session the throttle in the Mikunis would not return to idle. After engine shutdown, preliminary inspection did not reveal anything broken but, when manually forced close, the throttles would spring back to partially open. We ended the day and went home to investigate the throttle problem after a rest, only to find the problem had disappeared. This will make it more difficult to correct and prevent it from happening again, as we’re sure it would.

We welcome your comments/advise on any of the issues above.

Néstor Moya
Team Engineer

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