More News Since Our Last Event

April 7, 2010

We had mentioned that we were planning on making suspension adjustments to our Datsun 510 racecar, but we didn’t touch on the subject in our last post. Well, we think we’re heading in the right direction. The car is more stable during hard braking. The next adjustment before the Mitty at Road Atlanta at the end of the month will be to improve cornering. But first, we must do a clutch and gearbox change.

The failing roadster gearbox has been removed and some issues with the clutch were identified. A new clutch will be balanced with the Tilton flywheel as an assembly before installation.

While waiting on parts for the gearbox change, we’ll be replacing the gauges. As I mentioned much earlier, first we had difficulty calibrating the Stewart-Warner tachometer. Rather than continue wasting time with the tach, replacing it with an Autometer tach fixed that problem. During our last Sebring run, another gauge failed, so we’re going to liquid filled Autometer throughout.

The fuel pump inertia cut-off switch had also given problems, tripping for no apparent reason. A new unit did not perform any better, and our driver related feeling like an octopus, between resetting the switch and dealing with a very hard to shift gearbox. The inertia switch may sound like a good safety feature, but it’s out of the car. If someone knows of a reliable switch, please let us know.

The failure of the distributor shaft bushing has been confirmed. It was caused by neglect from a previous owner, who assembled it completely dry. With proper maintenance, I have put well over 330,000 road miles in one and over 220,000 miles in another of these distributors without any wear problems. A replacement is now ready for installation.

The Option 1 direct drive gearbox Model F5C71B has been repaired and will be installed this week. There was not enough time at this moment to do a full inspection/overhaul. The apparent root cause of it’s failure at Sebring, while on loan to Bob Leitzinger, was that the supplier who sold it to Moya Motorsports assembled it with a damaged input shaft, which caused the 5th gear synchro to come appart.

Lots of work planned for this week. We’ll report on the progress made through this weekend by early next week.

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