With the Mitty Less than 10 Days Away …

April 20, 2010

We put in a 12-hour day on Saturday and ran into some serious unexpected problems!

The failure of the Spec clutch was the release of one of the three flat springs that locate the pressure plate. It caused extensive shrapnel damage and was replaced, together with a restored Tilton flywheel as a balanced assembly, during the week.

We designed, manufactured and installed a very nice adapter for the rear gearbox mount. We had been told, by the supplier who repaired the damaged 5th gear synchro and associated parts in the direct drive gearbox, that everything looked good and that every gear would engage. We didn’t check this ourselves before installing it, but once we did, we found it would not go into the reverse gate. The gearbox came out again last night. In its place, a gearbox from one of our street 510s was installed; there’s no time for repairs. This third box is a Model FS5W63A, as used in the 1979 Datsun 200SX and HL510. It has wider ratios than we would like, but at least it was restored by ourselves two years ago and should be reliable. After a full day at the office, last night we worked on the gearboxes removals (2 ea.) and installation (1 ea.) for another eight hours. We, again, have to work on the rear mount adapter; the donor car was a wagon and there are apparent differences. The shifter hole on the floor also needs to be moved further forward than with any of the two previous gearboxes.

Also, a newly refurbished ignition distributor with a new Pertronix igniter will not produce any spark.

Once we solve the gearbox and ignition problems, we still have to reshape the exhaust pipe to clear the rear mount, make suspension alignment changes, finish other minor stuff, do a test drive on our front street and load the trailer for the 12-hor drive to the Mitty. Hope we can get some sleep before our scheduled departure.

As race spectators, we used to think that those who start working on their cars the moment they get to the track were those who were unprepared. Now, as competitors, we fully understand why.

We’ll report again before departing for the Mitty at Road Atlanta.

3 comments to With the Mitty Less than 10 Days Away …

  • Joshua Klaaren

    Great to see you guys at the Mitty. The car looked and sounded sweet. I really enjoyed seeing your car and I was amazed that Christian, Alex and the other guys (forgot names!) were able to come to the corral and spend time with the fans and their street Datsuns. Moya motorsports is clearly well-designed and well run – with that most important of all ingredients: Enthusiasm!

    – what a great Mitty!


  • Enjoyed visiting with you guys at the Mitty, love the pristine 510 and admire the preparation and cleanliness of your operation.
    How’d you do?
    All acclimated to our lil’ track now?

  • Joshua & John–

    All of us at Moya Motorsports had a great time at our first Mitty and visit to Road Atlanta. At the 510 corral, we were like kids in a candy store. Before this event, we had never seen more than three 510s together. We wished we had had more time to spend at the corral with our street 510, but the racecar requires a lot of attention. Our event experiences will be posted soon.

    Alex, Nestor & Christian

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