Development Updates Since the Mitty

September 11, 2010

Today we did our first test run since the Mitty to verify the gearbox operation. Our front street again served the purpose and, just like a few months ago, the neighbors seemed to cooperate. The temporary box from the wagon that was used for the Mitty was replaced with the direct drive. We’ll run with the low gear rear end at Homestead, since it’s a relatively short track, but a lower numerical ratio R160 LSD differential to be used with the direct drive G/B on the longer tracks, was purchased. We had to replace some of the friction disks and plates and adjust the backlash; it’s now ready for action.

A solid plate mechanical points distributor with new advance curve has been assembled to use with the MSD box. The dual point distributor that was built for the Mitty had the vacuum system intact.

Our on-track performance has gotten better. Our handling and braking are much improved. We don’t have as much power as we’d like, and a camshaft timing check indicated improvements can be had in this area, but we’re still concentrating on handling, braking performance and reliability; a new camshaft is on the horizon.

A crankshaft damper has been installed to reduce vibration that was causing damage to accessories and could eventually lead to engine failure.

Will work on the racecar between Homestead at the end of September and Sebring three weeks later involve only regular servicing? That would be nice for a change. Sebring is a fast track; maybe we’ll change the differential … and maybe the camshaft … and maybe …

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