HSR Homestead Sept 30 – Oct 3 2010

We started with a misfire that plagued us almost the entire event. We worked continuously to find the cause of the misfire, and we eventually did. We fixed the problem prior to our last run of the weekend; only to have throttle return problems during that last run that resulted in two unscheduled pit stops for temporary repairs, allowing only a couple of laps at speed. We had brainstormed the misfire problem on Saturday night and came up with only one more possibility–we found the root cause!

We wanted to get some data and started the weekend with a final drive gearing that we knew was too low for the direct drive gearbox. We were planning on switching to a higher gear after initial tests but, due to the time spent chasing the misfire, we didn’t have an opportunity to change it until Saturday night.

We’re satisfied with the handling and braking, and even with a misfire, we could stay with more powerful cars through the tight sections of the track.

Two problems (ignition and throttle return) kept us very busy the whole weekend, but other than regular maintenance, we’re only planing to correct the throttle return problem before Sebring on October 21st.

We want to thank family and friends who came out to support Moya Motorsports and also those competitors who offered their inputs in trying to correct the misfire. Many, including ourselves, felt the ignition problem would be traced to something very basic; it turned out to be a little more complex than that. Contact us if you want the details.

Stay tuned; we’ll be posting photos soon.

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