Our First 510

Our red 510 is feeling a little left out with all the attention the racecar has been receiving lately. To make it feel better, we’re including some details of our PL510-252164 which we bought new and has never been serviced by anyone but us.


  •     Owner: Néstor Moya, Miami, Florida.
  •     Never restored, but new paint and all new body rubber in 2003.
  •     All maintenance / modifications performed by owner.
  •     Complete Maintenance Records and all invoices since date of purchase.


  •     Block: Original 1600 cc block with higher compression pistons (balanced and blueprinted).
  •     Cylinder head: Higher compression with combustion chamber volumes equalized. 1 ½” intake ports with 1.69” intake and 1.38” exhaust stainless steel Nissan Competition valves.
  •     Carburetion: Dual Weber 40 DCOE with 33mm chokes.
  •     Cam: Racer Brown RB325R sports cam degreed (250°@ 0.050”).
  •     Ignition: Dual point mechanical with modified advance curve.


  •     Gearbox: 5-speed dog-leg from later model 510.
  •     Differential: Original 3.90:1 gears with clutch-type limited slip.


  •     Springs: Stiffer Nissan springs and KYB Rally shocks.
  •     Anti-Roll Bars: 15/16” front and 7/8” rear.
  •     Wheels: Panasport 13” x 6” with Toyo RA-1 205/60-13 tires.
  •     Brakes: Stock brakes with competition friction material.
  •     Ride height (corner weighted) and alignment adjusted at each wheel.


  •     Headlights: Marchal halogen with 60/55 watt H4 and 100 watt H1 bulbs.
  •     Sound System: Original Hitachi AM/8-track.
  •     Battery mounted in trunk.


  •     No Body modifications other than front spoiler.
  •     All original interior except for steering wheel and VDO gauges for amps, oil pressure, oil temperature and clock.

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