HSR at PBIR Feb., 2011

After concluding our first full year of competition in 2010, we felt that our goals to develop our #33 yellow Datsun 510 and our driving ability, to the point where more power could be safely used, were accomplished.

Considerable effort went into our L20B engine in search for more thrust before starting the 2011 season. The HSR event at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) was the first vintage race of the 2011 calendar and being only 100 miles from home, it was an excellent opportunity for practical testing of the changes made.

We are very happy with the improvements, which resulted in some very exciting on-track duels with a couple of the 901 Shop Porsche 911s and also our first podium finish.

We want to thank Darrell Fancher, who was impressed enough with our team to invite Alex to co-drive Darrell’s nice-looking Datsun 510 in the 3-Hour Enduro. Alex drove the second and third stints for approximately 80 minutes and was very competitive, quickly getting his lap times down to almost identical times as with our own 510. Unfortunately, when Darrell took over for the last stint, the Datsun had a malfunction with only 15 minutes left in the race.

Our next race will be with SVRA during the 12-Hours of Sebring on March 16th . Stop by our camp; we welcome all visitors and race fans.

Alex, Christian, Jamey and Néstor

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