SVRA at 2011 Sebring 12-Hour

Had a great event without a major problem. Sharing the track with IMSA meant the vintage racers could only be on track three times: practice/qualifying on Wednesday, 1-hour enduro on Thursday and a ½-hour sprint on Friday. All our track times were in late afternoon.

Almost at the start of our practice/qualifying, our driver reported on the radio there was a problem with the brakes. The pedal was strong, but stopping action was reduced. Since this was only a ½-hour session, we decided to continue at a careful pace. Upon inspection, we found a piece of rubber from the track had wedged itself between a brake pad and the rotor and burnt to a crisp.

The enduro was pretty wild. Over 70 cars took the green flag. We started from way back; yet, some luck was on our side. Bob Leitzinger, who is a very experienced and fast driver, had also had problems during qualifying his own Datsun 510, and we were able to get right behind him at the start. We followed him as he negotiated through traffic and passed many cars right after the start. Our mandatory pit stop went well; we added some fuel and everything looked normal, but then lost some 37 seconds with an unscheduled stop to correct a minor problem. Even with so many cars on track, it was an incident-free race with no yellow flags.

Forty-one cars started the sprint race, which was uneventful for us, although there was one yellow flag when a car was stranded on Turn 3. We had some clean racing with Datsuns, Porsches, Alfas, BMWs, a Pinto and even Camaros and Corvettes. We finished 2nd in class, behind none other than Bob Leitzinger.

Although Sebring is very hard on equipment, we had the best reliability up to this point since Moya Motorsports first took to the track. On Wednesday afternoon, after our qualifying run, we spent some time correcting the brake issue and doing routine inspections. After that, we had plenty of time to enjoy our time at Sebring and visit other teams. Photos will follow soon.

Our next event will be with HSR at The Mitty in Road Atlanta at the end of April. Our development continues as both our car and pilot become faster.

See you at the Mitty. Drop us a line and let us know you visited our site.

Alex, Christian, Jamey and Néstor

The photo sequences during the sprint race show Alex first following a Porsche 911 into Turn 1 and making the pass on the inside as they exit the turn. Then, on the next lap, Alex enters Turn 1 and, a few frames later, the same Porsche has dropped back a few car lengths.

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