HSR at Road Atlanta — The Mitty, April 2011


Our hearts go out to all who suffered from the devastating tornadoes that hit nearby areas just before the event.  Somehow, the track was spared and, incredibly, the weather was perfect for a weekend of racing.

We were in very high spirits after Friday’s and Saturday’s practice and qualifying sessions.  Our qualifying time was four seconds better than last year’s best lap and even improved during Saturday’s race.

We had an off-course on the next to last lap during Saturday’s race on the downhill into Turn10A, which is the fastest part of the track.  We kept it under control and eased back towards the track, but apparently we got on the power just before both rear tires had traction, and the car snapped into an 180-degree spin, ending off the track surface.  We waited for traffic and quickly got going again to finish eleventh out of fourteen in Group 3.  The off-course ripped the front spoiler and affected the camber on one rear wheel.  After the race we reset the camber, and the spoiler looked like new after temporary repairs.

Sunday’s race was uneventful, as we ran alone most of the race, but our lap times remained consistent and finished eighth of thirteen in Group 3 and 20th of 33 overall.

We were very proud of our performance.  Minor suspension adjustments were made at the track, but the Datsun ran reliably the whole weekend.  A 5% improvement in our lap times would have us battling for the lead.

Our next race will probably be in October, but we will be reporting as we make changes and improvements before then.

Saturday Videos

We believe the linked videos below were filmed by John Prater from his #036 MGB during Saturday’s race.  Our Datsun 510 and the MGB had similar lap times.  The MGB having the edge in the Esses and the Datsun pulling better in the faster sections of the track.  The first video runs for 9:54, ending just before the start of lap 4.

We were 18th or 19th on the grid of 40 cars.  As usual, we are very cautious at the start and lost three places during the first lap to a Lotus, a Corvair and a Spitfire, but re-passed the Corvair at 5: 39 into the video at Turn 9 and the Lotus at 6:10, before the end of that lap.  At 7:16 into the first video, Ernie Bello, in his very fast Opel Kadett  passed the MG on Turn 7, then passed us at 8:10, before Turn 1.  At 1:20 into the second video (lap 4) the MG got to within two car lengths of us on Turn 5 and at  3:15 (lap 5)  to within 1 car length at the same spot, giving warning that if we didn’t get with it, he would probably get by on the next lap.  However, Alex took warning and started to put some distance on the MG, as seen at 5:00 (lap 6) on Turn 5.  Then, on the last lap, under no threat from behind, Alex lost his concentration and went off on Turn 10A at 7:45 on the video.  He got back on track and ended in 26th place overall,  out of 40 (11th out of 14 in Group 3).


Both videos below show a great chase of our 510.


1 comment to HSR at Road Atlanta — The Mitty, April 2011

  • Ward Wilson


    It was great to meet you during this years Mitty at Road Atlanta. As promised, here are a few photos shot at the event including the “sleep” shot you wanted.

    These are very low rez photos to promote easy emailing, but the full size files are available for the asking. I think I have 7 or 8 frames of your car. Just forward me an address and I will burn a disc and drop it in the mail to you. No cost, just give photo credit if you use in print or web. (Image by Ward Wilson, WilsonMotorsports@comcast.net)

    I look forward to seeing you all again at next years event. Thanks for putting on such a great show. Have a great weekend and happy racing!


    GUYS…Here it the text of an email with photos that has been returned to me. Please let me know a contact to resend the email to. This is the address I used…nestor@moyamotorsports.com

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