September 24, 2011 — More on Our Last Race at Roebling Road ( Revised)

The 1-Hour Enduro:

We were gridded 8th for the start and were very cautious at the beginning of the race, dropping several spots before the 3rd lap, when we picked up the pace.  By the end of the third lap we were back up to 5th and caught up to the red Porsche of Ronald Monfils.  The chase continued until he pitted under Caution on lap 13.

Laps 10 through 17 were run under Caution due to a single car accident on Turn 4.  We came into the pits for our scheduled stop on lap 15, right behind the 240Z of Henry Costanzo, the eventual winner.  We left the pits, still under Caution, just before the 240Z and entered the track in 6th behind the pace car, with David Bearden in his white Porsche 911, who had already pitted, just in front of us.  When the Green Flag was displayed, we followed the Porsche, passing two cars on the front straight.  At this time there were no other cars in front.  We held the spot for three laps, when Costanzo and another Z driven by Steve Lipsky, who may have been a lap down, passed us and David, opening the gap between David and us.

We closed the gap on David and almost passed him on Turn 3.  Then, under braking into Turn 1 around lap 26, we tried a move on the Porsche and ended being passed by the BMW, dropping us to 4th, as captured in the photo sequence down the front straight.  By this time, the 1st place 240Z of Henry Costanzo was way ahead. 

A few laps later, and close to the end (it may have been the next to last lap), both the BMW and our Datsun, passed David’s Porsche, who may have pitted.  Although we lost ground on the BMW, we stayed ahead of the fourth place Porsche of Ronald Monfils, whom we had battled earlier in the race and who had more legs than us, but ran very similar lap times.

We were engaged in two or three battles that lasted for many laps.  The display of strong, but clean competition among the participants was very exciting during the 36-lap Enduro on this 2.02-mile track.

Seven cars finished on the lead lap.  We had the 10th fastest lap out of 25 entries, but our consistency and reliability rewarded us with a 3rd overall!

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