October 8, 2011 — Ready for Our Next Event

The next event for the Moya Motorsports’ Datsun 510, piloted by Alex Moya, will be the HSR Sebring Historic Races, October 14 through 16.  The duration of each session is approximately 1/2-hour, except for the 1-hour Enduro on Saturday.   The schedule should be as follows:

Friday, October 14: 8:35 am Practice Session #1, 10:55 am Practice Session #2, 1:40 pm Practice Session #3.
Saturday, October 15: 9:05 Qualifying, 12:30 pm 1-Hour Enduro, 3:15 pm Race #1.
Sunday, October 16: 9:30 am Race #2.

We have made some minor changes since Roebling Road and the car is ready.

As always, we will have a full  report posted soon after the event.


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