Getting Back In Action

We have been out of commision for a while due to serious delays from two suppliers, but this weekend we will start the installation of a new L20B race motor in our #33 Datsun 510 vintage racer.   As we said earlier,  we had a catastrophic engine failure last October. This was the engine that came with the car when we aquired it in 2008 and, although we had done considerable head work for the start of last season, we have no idea how many races the lower end had before the crankshaft expelled itself from the block in a very explosive fashion. The engine failure also resulted in damage to components in the cylinder head. The head was saved, but  all the new bits installed during the resent head work had to be scrapped.

We have already missed three events and will be hard at work trying to have the car ready and tested for the Mitty at Road Atlanta, at the end of April.

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