Almost Back in Action

Although we haven’t yet raced this year, we expect to be back in action soon.  We are working very hard to get the car ready and have our sights set on Savannah on October 24th and Sebring later in December. A full season is planned for next year.

This short video shows some clips from earlier events at Road Atlanta.  We plan to race there in April.


Can you guess where, when, and who they are?


Clue: They are both racing drivers...


We haven’t yet competed this year. There have been some setbacks while conducting maintenance/repair and we’re working on solutions. One delay was caused by problems with the installation of a hydraulic clutch release that replaces the fork release. We decided to switch to the hydraulic system because the increased force required for the competition clutch to release had already caused damage to the standard fork release (see pic of damage on our September 28, 2013 post). The installation of the hydraulic clutch release has been completed, although not yet tested.

We expect to be back on track after the summer, and will be providing further updates as we approach completion of all work.

2013 HSR Sebring Historic Races Group 2 Qualifying

This is a 6-minute video of selected clips of Saturday’s Qualifying Session, when we posted a 1:37.1; our fastest lap so far at Sebring.  At the checkered flag ending the session, the blue and gold #93 240Z of David Riolo passed us and, although he can lap faster than us, Alex gave chase while displaying the 510’s good handling.

2010 510 Gathering at The Mitty

A few pictures from the 2010 Datsun gathering at The Mitty. Although we trailered our 510 racecar, our street 510 was driven 1600 miles that weekend without a glitch.  This was our first visit and our first race at Road Atlanta and it was a very memorable weekend.


Here’s a picture of the failed pinion gear from Savannah, with two teeth wiped out and damage to adjacent teeth.  Surprisingly, the ring gear was scored, but it did not break, so it’s a good paper weight.  We have now built a primary differential with new gears and new differential unit and a backup differential.  Both have all new bearings and seals and were adjusted for correct:

  • Pinion/ring gear mesh
  • Pinion gear preload
  • Side bearing preload
  • Backlash
In addition, we also have the low geared unit that saved the day at Savannah.
Our Datsun is undergoing some major maintenance and we may not race until after the summer.  We will continue to post updates until Moya Motorsports’ Datsun 510 is ready for track duty.

Differential Pinion Failure

More on Savannah, October 2013

Another Savannah video.  This one is all from clips from hand-held camera.

For more on Savannah visit our earlier post.


There is work we wanted to accomplish last year during the summer off-season, but the timing was such that we would have missed Savannah and the itch to race was too intense, plus the car was running well.  As it turned out, our first event at Savannah was great; the same being said for Sebring a few weeks later.  The work we had postponed is now being addressed and will take a while.  We will miss the first race of the 2014 season at PBIR in February, but hope to be back in competition soon.

Sebring HSR Event

Sebring has been hard on us in the past.  This time, however, we conquered Sebring!  Our Datsun 510 had been handling well, but Alex is demanding more from the car.  During practice, he reported some issues that were immediately addressed with minor suspension adjustments.  The changes seemed to work, as our lap times continued to improve during Friday’s second qualifying session.  The improvement continued during Saturday’s final qualifying session when we qualified first in Group 2, at over four seconds faster than our previous best lap at Sebring.

As usual, Alex was extra cautious during the first lap.  This allowed Ernie Bello, who until this weekend had always been faster than us, to get ahead.  Although we had a great race with a couple of Group 3 cars, our progress was hampered by traffic and we were not able to challenge Ernie, finishing second in Class.  This was our sixth race at this legendary 3.7-mile track.  Our performance rewarded us with our first Sebring podium finish.

This race concluded Historic Sports Car Racing’s (HSR) 2013 season.  Racing legends David Hobbs, Brian Redman, Dorsey Schroeder and others attended the Saturday night dinner and awards’ ceremony.  Alex was awarded the 2013 Group 2 Championship Trophy; what a way for Moya Motorsports to finish the year!  On behalf of Alex and his crew, Christian, Jamey, Terry and myself, we thank the HSR organization for the opportunity to be part of their great racing events.  See you at the track in 2014…


Moya Motorsports



Sebring is Next – December 6th – 8th

Eight and a half hours of work last Sunday included installing a new differential with the proper gearing.  No other “major” work planned, but we estimate another 8 hours this weekend before heading for Sebring.  Although we consider Sebring our “home” track, we haven’t been there since the catastrophic engine failure two years ago, when we suffered a crankshaft breakage at 120 mph on the back straight, causing an instantaneous driveline seizure that resulted in a very dramatic spin, as shown in the video that follows.  Sebring has a reputation for being rough on equipment, but we hope to do much better this time.

October 2011 video: